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Providing Quality, Dependable, year round lawn and landscape service for over 30 years

Providing Quality, Dependable, year round lawn and landscape service for over 30 years

Providing Quality, Dependable, year round lawn and landscape service for over 30 yearsProviding Quality, Dependable, year round lawn and landscape service for over 30 years




Planting and Designing

Robby Moffett of Moffett Landscaping, Inc has been offering full service landscape design and planting for over 25 years.  Moffett Landscaping, Inc.  specializes on bringing innovative and distinctive ideas as well as attention to detail, quality materials and workmanship.  We will meet and discuss your project as well as give you ideas and our experienced advice.  

If you would like to meet with Robby at a nursery to pick your own plants etc. this is an excellent way to take your project hands on with the professional experience of your landscaper at your side.

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Weeds create an unsightly appearance in any yard.  They rob nutrients and life giving moisture from the soil.  They crowd good plants, killing them off in the process.  No one wants and unkempt looking yard. 

Moffett Landscaping offers weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly weeding and pruning services.  Our goal is to cater a schedule to meet the clients needs.    Whether you choose to have a simple weeding or whether you want an upgraded service level where we can clean and improve bed edges, tree rings, touch-up and freshen mulch were desired, deadhead flowering perennials, annuals and shrubs.  spray hardscape for crack weeds and remove debris and branches from beds.  Proper pruning of shrubs allow the plants to flourish and not overgrow.  Diseases and pests are kept under control by the removal of dying branches and increasing airflow.

Moffett Landscaping suggests seasonal pruning 2 - 3 times per season.  Early, mid, and late Summer depending on the type of flowering shrub or evergreen.  Call us today to discuss your  needs. 



Installing mulch in flower beds greatly reduces the frequency of flower bed maintenance.  It also helps in retaining the moisture needed to maintain healthy shrubs.

The benefits of mulching your beds are not just for looks.  Mulch prevents loss of water from the soil by evaporation. It also reduces the growth of weeds.  It keeps your soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thus maintaining a more even soil temperature.  

Mulch prevents soil from splashing, which not only stops erosion, but keeps soil-borne diseases from splashing up onto the plants.  It can also help soil compaction.  

In addition to all of the above benefits of mulching your beds, it adds to the beauty of the landscape and brings texture to the surface.  

Tree Service

Moffett Landscaping Professional Landscape offer affordable tree service.  Our focus is delivering a professional quality tree removal service with quality and responsive customre care.  We are Licenced and Insured.  We offer quick estimates to both home owners and business owners.


​Whether to beautify and enhance your property investment, or to remove danger created by hollow ro fallen trees, it may be time for your tree(s) to be removed.  Moffett Landscaping provide tree removal, stump grinding and removal.  All debris will be removed and your lawn will be throughly cleaned up before we leave the property.



Fall...leaf season!  Nothing spoils your weekend more that grabbing the rake and spending a day raking leaves and packing them into bags.    

This year give this job to the experts who have all of the heavy equipment and necessary manpower to have your lawn clean and clear within no time.

Crew members have heavy back pack blowers and  a leaf vacuum parked on the street attached to a truck ready to remove every leaf.  We take the leaves away to be recycled, or we can place them in a compost pile, blow them into the woods or leave them at the curb for county pick up...the choice is yours.  

Clean-ups and leaf removal are typically done in 2 stages - November and December.  Scheduling begins as early as September.



ncrease the sensory enjoyment of your garden with the soothing sound of movement of water.  A garden pond will provide that special focal point for your patio that will transport you to a zone of tranquility.

This tranqility set amidst natures serenity is a area attainable by all.  We start with the basics - natural brick and stone, then just add water!  Our installation techniques assure long term stability while achieving naturally harmonious designs.

At Moffett Landscaping, we believe that it is important to bond with nature.  When the stress and pressures of daily life get you down, our ponds and waterfalls offer the mind a place to go....right in your own back yard.



Moffett Landscaping recommends aeration and over seeding in the fall.  Grass grows and develops best in the cool months.  Aerating and seeding is typically done in September and October.   This gives the grass plenty of time to germinate and develop prior to going dormant in the winter.

Aeration removes small cores of soil and thatch to allow air, moisture, and nutrients to penetrate down to the root.  Then we over seed  the lawn.

Why you should aerate?

Aerating keeps your lawn healthy.  It removes 50% of thatch; provides root zone with oxygen, stimulates root growth and fertilizer absorption rate, increases the strength of the turf and its disease tolerance, improves fertilizer and nutrient intake and helps defend your lawn against drought and weeds.